Fields cultivated with tobacco plants. Sprinkler the tobacco fields in summer. Extremadura.. Spain
Fields cultivated with tobacco plants. Sprinkler the tobacco fields in summer. Extremadura.. Spain

About our company

Nicosta is a company engaged in production and distribution of liquids for electronic cigarettes, flavors, e-cigarettes. We are also a distributor:

We provide products in different variants, depending on the needs of our customers.

We rotate in a world of flavors and aromas.
We bring a fresh and modern approach to the development of new products.

We offer

In addition to manufacturing and distributing Nicosta brands, we also realize:

We provide laboratory and regulatory services, including laboratory testing, TPD registration,
MSDS preparation, TPD, REACH, CLP, UFI and ADR consultation.


We follow strict procedures and attach great importance to the control of standards, research and production, and the process of shaping the quality of products in the production process. We use semi-finished products that come from reliable suppliers and are certified.
We achieve the highest quality of our products not only thanks to the work of the laboratory, modern production line, detailed proven procedures, but also thanks to our experienced and highly qualified staff.

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Since the beginning of our development, we have placed special emphasis on cooperation with foreign manufacturers, buyers and suppliers.

We started in the Polish and German markets. We currently supply products to 10 countries. We export our own products, but also sell raw materials and products manufactured under the brands of our foreign partners.

With our own tax depot, we also market foreign products and produce for large customers.




We offer several lines of liquids that are very popular (including Bang Bang, Wanna be cool, Nico). We also produce shots and bases.

Raw materials
for e-liquids

We supply the highest quality raw materials: liquid nicotine, nicotine salts, bases, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, flavors.

Private Label (own brand)

We offer private label production of e-cigarette liquids and flavors. We provide all the services needed to market your brand.

TPD laboratory tests

We support our customers in Laboratory testing and analysis are crucial to determining the quality of the final product.

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