Create with us own brand

We offer production of e-cigarette liquids, flavors, raw materials under our own brand. We provide the spectrum of services necessary to bring your brand to market.

If you want to build your own brand…


How is this taking place ?

Our work consists of several stages. All are supervised by specialists with extensive experience. The entire branding process is carried out with respect for confidentiality. This is our priority. As a result, we guarantee customers the security of their investment. The client has insight into every stage of the project.

We study the needs of

At this stage, please share with us any expectations, needs and inspirations. We determine what flavors the customer wants to offer. The choice of possible combinations is enormous. You can provide us with detailed guidelines or get expert marketing advice. The concept created together with the client is the starting point for our work on the product.

We create recipes

We are aware that today's customers expect products that are unique and stand out from the competition. We advise on the creation of formulas that you commission us. You can use your own raw materials in our production or order raw materials from various suppliers. The concept created together with the client is the starting point for our work on the product.

Consultation with testers

Based on the suggestions of the testers who work for us, we can, in consultation with the customer, modify the formulas and adjust them so that the final product is unique and achieves market success. Our testers are non-random people, the selection of the group is based on specific criteria.

We adhere to strict production procedures

Our production facility is equipped with a fully automated production line with a capacity of 80 pcs/min. The production line consists of a bottling and capping module, a date and batch printing module on the bottom of the bottle, a three-head labeling module, so we can apply a label, a tax band and, for example, a warning triangle in one cycle.

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