Filling, closing, labeling, packaging

Our production facility is equipped with a fully automated production line with a capacity of 80 pcs/min . The production line consists of a bottling and capping module, a module that prints the date and batch on the bottom of the bottle, a three-head labeling module, so we can apply a label, a tax band and, for example, a warning triangle in one cycle. We can also pack the product in a cardboard box along with a leaflet. Then the bottle with the liquid through the belt feeder goes to the cartoner, which also with a capacity of 80 pcs/min packs the bottles into cartons and places the leaflet in them. Another dual-head labeling machine can apply a tax band and a label to prevent the carton from being opened from underneath.

Our production capacity is 500,000+ pieces per week, depending on the number of operations per cycle. We care about precision and sterility. Each batch of products coming out of our plant is verified by the quality department.


We care for the highest quality

We follow strict production procedures that allow us to prepare products safely and hygienically.

We use only the highest quality raw materials.

We use only pure nicotine and EP/USP grade glycol and glycerin.

Our semi-finished products come from proven, reliable suppliers.

Measuring instruments are verified by calibration certificates.

The machinery and equipment used in the production process are certified to ensure the highest quality production.

During production, we monitor the safety of our products and the safety of our employees.

Research and analyses laboratory

Fluid testing and laboratory analysis are crucial to determining the quality of the final product. We use a laboratory that allows us to verify each production batch in real time. The laboratory is equipped with a chromatograph, which allows us to test the exact composition and exact strength of nicotine in the product.

All Nicosta products are TPD compliant. As part of our offer, we conduct TPD laboratory tests for our customers, including toxicology and emission tests of finished liquids.

All Nicosta products are TPD compliant


Registration TPD

We offer a comprehensive product registration service according to the TPD directive
and guidance throughout the registration process.

Our specialists have conducted several hundred successful TPD registrations in many European countries.

Each country in the European Union has adapted the provisions of the Tobacco Products Directive to its domestic legislation. Some lawmakers have created a law that is much stricter than the Tobacco Products Directive. The complexity of regulations for each country can be overwhelming.

graphic and branding

Working with us, you can count on the support of high-end designers who will prepare for you an original design of product packaging and visualization of your brand.

Packaging is the first thing that catches a potential buyer’s eye before trying its contents. Branding must reflect the appropriate character of the line you want to launch.

We specialize in graphic design and branding.
We do not use subcontractors. All work is done by our team of experienced graphic designers. We can work according to your instructions or offer unique solutions for your product to create a custom graphic design, giving your brand individuality and marketability.

Working with us, you can count on the support of high-end designers



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